[Helix-client-announce] AMR-WB+ audio codec being integrated into Helix

[Helix-client-announce] AMR-WB+ audio codec being integrated into Helix

Kevin Foreman kevinf at real.com
Wed Sep 28 22:12:42 PDT 2005

Great news for devices looking for the widest codec support. Today at 
the CTIA Wireless Conference, VoiceAge Corporation, a leading provider 
of speech codecs for mobile and internet applications announced the 
availability of the AMR-WB+ hi-fi audio compression technology within 
the Helix DNA Client.

We are pleased that VoiceAge is joining us to integrate AMR-WB+ into the 
Helix platform. The availability of an AMR-WB+ extension for the Helix 
DNA Client will lower our device partners' overall qualification time 
and allow them to bring exciting new products to market sooner. We 
strongly encourage content and rights holders to closely examine the new 
AMR-WB+ codec when they need very high sound quality for speech and 
music applications.

AMR-WB+, which is developed jointly by Nokia, Ericsson and VoiceAge, is 
being integrated into the ubiquitous and comprehensive Helix digital 
media platform for your possible inclusion into your commercial 
products. AMR-WB+, which has been standardized by the 3GPP for mobile 
multimedia hi-fi audio compression, delivers very good sound quality 
across all types of audio, including pure music, pure speech, speech 
between music and speech over music, at the low bit rates ranging from 7 
- 48 kbps in both stereo and mono operation.

For more info see:

Kevin Foreman,
GM, Helix
RealNetworks, Inc.
T: 206-674-2244
E: kevinf at real.com

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